Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pentax K20D wish list

3 most important points:

- Better AF system. I think that the SDM lens didn't resolve the problem. Most people still argue that the focus takes to long to lock in dark conditions.

- More accurate PTTL. Canon ETTL and Nikon i-TTL are far away better. Pentax system can't be so inferior.

- Lower noise at high ISO.

If they solve this tree problems, I may sell my canon 30d and return to pentax.

Then I would like to have:

- 3'' LCD screen, with live view-

- At least 3 RAW FPS with buffer for 10 shots.

- A better JPG algorithm than the one used in K10D.

- Higher Dynamic Rage. 14 - bit RAW, 22-bit ADC.

- Improving of the nice Shake Reduction.

- PC Sync socket

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pentax K20D specifications (Rumors)

K20D will be an upgrade from Pentax K10D, with the follow specifications:

- Greater than 14 MP APS-C format CMOS sensor, sensor is not Sony's 12 MP CMOS, but Pentax its own design, sensor manufacturers temporarily is still not clear, it is possible Samsung or Cypress.

- 3-inch Live view LCD - Larger, wide viewing angles Live View LCD.

- New image processing engine designed to support the 14 - bit RAW format, whether to adopt and K10D the 22 - bit ADC is not clear. K10D 22-bit ADC, 12-bit RAW (K10D is 22 bit ADC, 12-bit RAW output).
Some say that will use Fujitsu's newly developed image processor (22Bit modified)

- Further improving of the Shake Reduction (SR) fuselage Anti-Shake system, a shake reduction system Pentax has traditionally approached by moving the CCD rather than shifting lens elements

- Magnesium alloy Body similar to K10D.

- Sealed with K10D similar fuselage design, the Custom Function menu will be strengthened, the shooting rate is upgrading the current uncertainty, there are also relatively limited upgrade estimates, as growth in the need to completely re-design of the shutter and reflector system.

- View finder with 96% magnification, big and bright, maybe better than the one used in K10D.

- AF - The Custom menu function will be significantly strengthened, and may include different camera memory can offset fine-tuning the AF.

- PC Sync socket, like *ist D had.

- K20D still not be compatible with traditional TTL flashing lights, only P-TTL.

- Wireless primers can be flash external flashing lights flash, but which still can not use flash, high-speed synchronous.
Flash synchronization speed: 1/250s

- Sequential shooting rate is upgrading the current uncertainty, there are also relatively limited upgrade estimates, the need to increase substantially the shutter completely redesigned and reflector system.

The Pentax K20D will allegedly replace and look a lot like the $799 K10D price.

Pentax K200D and K20D release date (Rumors)

We expect that the new Pentax cameras will be announced in 24 January 2008 for the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) convention.