Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pentax K20D wish list

3 most important points:

- Better AF system. I think that the SDM lens didn't resolve the problem. Most people still argue that the focus takes to long to lock in dark conditions.

- More accurate PTTL. Canon ETTL and Nikon i-TTL are far away better. Pentax system can't be so inferior.

- Lower noise at high ISO.

If they solve this tree problems, I may sell my canon 30d and return to pentax.

Then I would like to have:

- 3'' LCD screen, with live view-

- At least 3 RAW FPS with buffer for 10 shots.

- A better JPG algorithm than the one used in K10D.

- Higher Dynamic Rage. 14 - bit RAW, 22-bit ADC.

- Improving of the nice Shake Reduction.

- PC Sync socket

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a camera that goes in the other direction. A digital SLR that lets the photographer focus on taking pictures insted of the controls. Something like the Leica M8. I could even do just fine without the display. Think of a Pentax from late seventies, but digital. That would be the dream camera that i would be willing to pay tripple the price of a K10D.