Monday, January 14, 2008

First Pentax K20D picture!

I saw this picture in a german forum ( :D
What do you think about it?


raquita said...

ahh - its just camera porn... I can't wait - soemthing like this will keep me from makinghte jump to Nikon- if they can get the af faster in the dark to compete with the D3.

Willow said...

I hope it's not true. Grip permanently connected to body??? !!! No!!! Please!

photodave said...

ya a permanently attached grip would be such a pain. no more taking the grip off to change the batteries no more checkin to see that its still tight. ya total downer.

enjaybee11 said...

You can see its a fake as within the image is the overlay control panel from apple mac's Iphoto.

Amateur6 said...

An HDR button? An FPS dial? A screen that's about 3" square? You know it's a joke, right? :-)

bad_writer said...

100 % fake,
1) battery no where to go, when you turn OPEN.. it gose donw.. thers greep..
2) on monitor 2 baterrys, grip and ?? =].
3) Pentax never do a DOPF button so far from sutter button

4)and some.. funy things as . N.GEO, and FPS dial.. its just a joke..
need to add GPS module and Satilite UPLOAD to the internet... =]

Total Zombie said...

Pentax SAID that the K20D would use the K10D body!!!
You, fool don't listen to what master says? Why would they waste money on "upgrading" a body that is already PERFECT!!?

There already is an HDR button on the K10D but it's called different.

A grip attached to the K20D? Never! Remember that the K10D is the biggest in its categories and also the one that weight the most. I love to use the K10D with and without the grip... it would be a pain to be restrained to only WITH! Sometime lighter is better and sometime... it's better heavier.

The K20D in done, there is some button added, but the body is strictly the same. What changed is the inside. It's a totally different camera in every point, AF, IQ, Mpix, etc. It's gonna be another PERFECT camera from Pentax!

Anonymous said...

Is there any kind of camera left behind all that clutter, it also looks like a colossus to carry around. I guess an 80 year old large format camera soon will be both smaller and easier to use than all theese latest green-rectagle-does-all-but-cook-food cameras. I think it is sick, do you really buy and pay money for a thing like that?